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About Yeh Mon

Yeh Mon Authentic Jamaican Restaurant is a family own and operated Restaurant Located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I was born in Jamaican and grew up there, where I help out in Restaurants owned by family members until I migrate to the United States. I met my spouse there until we decided to move to Arkansas where she grew up. We saw that there was a need for a Caribbean presence since there was none, so we created "Yeh Mon Authentic Jamaican Restaurant" to share wealth of our culture and food heritage.


What makes us distinct from others in the industry here is the authenticity of our family blend Jerk season and sauces, and the products we offer such as the Oxtails, Curry goat, jerk chicken, etc. We want to provide an environment where all is welcome and can relax, socialize and enjoy an excellent meal that comes along with superior services and staff members to give you a memorable experience.  

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